About Marketing Bonfire

About Marketing Bonfire

You didn't start your business to focus on marketing.

However, without marketing your business can offer the greatest products and/or services in the industry, but none of your potential customers will ever  know it.

You’re focus is on operating and growing your business to become a success. Having an in-house marketing department is not always financially practical for many small businesses. That’s where we come in.

Marketing Bonfire is dedicated to assisting your company with all things marketing… Kinda like a marketing department right in your back pocket!

You’re an expert in your specific field. So, let us help you get the voice of your brand and your key message out to the right audience. And by doing so increasing leads and most importantly revenue and the growth of your company.

The bottom line is… your main focus should be on actually running and growing your company.

Let Marketing Bonfire gather your audience and tell your unique story.
Schedule a consultation and see how we can assist you with sharing your message with the right audience.

The Girl with a Passion for Marketing

Hi there and thank you for taking the time to check out the website. I’m a former 2nd grade teacher who grew up in a family full of entrepreneurs. I know… I know… You paused right there where I said “former teacher” didn’t you?  It’s a long way from marketing, but trust me. I’m going somewhere with this. 

While teaching back in 2009, I developed the concept for a consignment bridal boutique. The experience of operating my own company on a very tight budget taught me that one thing was for certain. Whatever marketing efforts I made had to count! There wasn’t much room for failed attempts. This meant no excessive spending on flashy TV and radio ads. So I became very involved in just how I was spreading the word about my little bridal shop. I had to know who my audience was, where they were and what would make them want to buy from me. 

This is when the fire was lit. My passion and curiosity for all things marketing had begun. After all, I’ve always been up for a good challenge.

I eventually sold my business in order to have more time with my children. I moved on to handle the marketing for other small businesses within the family. At the same time, that former educator mindset came back into play as I began speaking and writing articles about marketing efforts I had discovered to be most effective in reaching potential customers and increasing company growth.

Soon after selling the business, I moved into positions more directly related to my passion for marketing strategies, social media engagement and content creation. I worked as a project manager for an independent marketing agency and then went on to become Director of Marketing and Communications for Heart of Texas Goodwill. My time with these companies combined with my educational background and years of small business experience have lead me to my true calling of assisting other business owners like myself with their marketing needs.

Believe me when I say, “I get it”.  I know your struggles and frustrations. Marketing Bonfire is here to help you make your marketing efforts more effective and powerful.