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Your Customer's Journey With You

Guide your audience through a journey with an end result of selling your product or service. These engaging sequences are designed to motivate people to buy your products and services as well as nurture current and past clients.

The sales funnels are fueled by activities that generate awareness and build demand for a product or service, such as social media posts, webinars, blogging on relevant topics for your target audience, ad retargeting or strong SEO.

Date Your Audience

Just like in a relationship, every step of the funnel works together to make complete the transition from potential consumer to loyal customer. You wouldn't ask someone to marry you before your 1st date. The same concept is true for your customers. They need to get to know and trust you before buying from you.

The typical stages of a standard marketing funnel include:

  • Awareness: The audience discovers who your brand is and is more receptive to future interaction.
  • Consideration: Customers are comparing you to other competitors.
  • Conversion: A simple buying process which reduces the risk of purchasing.
  • Loyalty: Maintaining customers through email, text and social interactions, offering discounts or other rewards.
  • Advocacy: When existing customers talk about and help promote your product to others.
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Let's take your customers on a journey.

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