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You've heard how important it is to be active on social media as a business. But that doesn't really help when you don't know WHAT to say. Or maybe you are posting but your content is getting throttled back by algorithms because it's too "salesy".

The key to social media is just that... being "social" and interacting, not broadcasting your latest pitch. There is a fine balance between providing value to your audience and promoting your products.

MarketingBonfire.com Social Media Posts

Below are some great suggestions to post to your business page that will allow you to captivate your followers.

  1. Before and after
  2. Funny meme
  3. Short video clip
  4. Behind the scenes
  5. Sneak peek
  6. Flat lay or styled image
  7. Video announcement
  8. Industry article
  9. Answer FAQs
  10. Industry fact
  11. Infographic
  12. Time-saving tip
  13. Money-saving tip
  14. Solve a problem
  15. Favorite tool or software
  16. Favorite product or service
  17. Favorite Resource
  1. Favorite influencer
  2. Share gratitude
  3. Share a fan photo
  4. @mention a follower
  5. @mention an influencer
  6. Thank your followers
  7. Take a poll
  8. This or that?
  9. Would you rather?
  10. If you could?
  11. Fill in the blank
  12. Federal or religious holiday
  13. National day
  14. Trending news event
  15. Viral video
  16. Fun fact
  17. Share a hobby
  1. Glimpse into family time
  2. Exploring your city
  3. Book you’re reading
  4. Relaxation spot
  5. Inspirational quote
  6. Personal mantra
  7. New blog post
  8. Re-purpose old content
  9. Share popular content
  10. Free printable
  11. Product or service
  12. Testimonial
  13. Promote your newsletter
  14. Promote your social profiles
  15. Conduct a contest
  16. Run a special

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