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Grandma Doesn’t Care About Your Brand

I’m just gonna come out and say it…

Your Grandma doesn’t care about your brand.

Okay, okay. That was a little harsh. I’m sure she does but let me explain what I really mean here…

Not everyone everywhere cares about what your company has to offer. That’s okay. You don’t want to promote yourself to everyone. You’d go bankrupt trying to do so. In most cases, a company has one or two specific audiences that buy their product or use their service and the name of the game is:

  • Figure out who that audience is.
  • Engage & convert them into repeat buying customers.

Let’s use Grandma as an example.
Imagine this… You are the proud owner of a Paul’s Pool Pros, a local pool company that provides new custom pool installation as well as routine service and maintenance. You know you want to attract homeowners; more specifically, those who have the household income to afford a pool. You also want current pool owners in need of parts or services.

If Grandma lives in a nursing home, is she your target clientele for a pool? No.

But she totally still loves and supports you with red lipstick kisses every time you visit. (Go visit Grandma.)

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Paul’s Pool Pros isn’t interested in advertising to someone who rents an apartment. Same thing goes for promoting your brand to anyone else. You don’t want to spend loads of money reaching out to people you know aren’t going to convert into customers.

When company’s do this it’s referred to as shotgun blast marketing – blasting money out and hoping something sticks. An example of this might be television commercials or roadside billboards. Now, I’m not here to say those things aren’t effective in their own way. But I do have my issues with them.

  • You can’t pick and choose your audience.
  • You can’t track the results.
  • It’s expensive!

However, there is a much better option.

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Engage your customers where they are. There are 1.23 billion daily users on Facebook. This means Facebook Advertising is a goldmine for businesses looking to get in front of prospective customers. Any type of customer you might want to engage with is on Facebook, which means you can harness its popularity for your own advertising desires.

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Reach your target audience. Facebook Advertising allows you the ability to select who you wish to promote your brand to based on demographics, behaviors and interests you pick and choose.  Reach those who are more likely to convert into buying customers and avoid wasting money on those who aren’t the right fit.

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Keep it within your budget.
Facebook advertising costs about 3x less per impression than radio or television. The expense to promote your brand on the king of social media is average about $0.27 per click and allows for a minimum daily budget of just $1.00.

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See the results. With insights, you can see how effectively your ad performed based on pre-determined objectives. The more insight you have, the more equipped you are to deliver meaningful messaging to people who want or need what you have to offer.

So, whether your company is in the pool industry, dog grooming, accounting, roofing or anything else Facebook Advertising is a better way to grow your business by reaching those potential customers who not only matter to you, but care about what you have to offer.

To learn more about Facebook Advertising and how Marketing Bonfire can assist you, give us a call at (254) 340-2083 or e-mail

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